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Daejon, South Korea – September 28, 2006, a platform marketing word-of-mouth online provides bloggers contribution, officially began today its beta service.

Usually when companies launch new products or services they advertise. Then they hope that some enthusiastic consumers are interested enough to spread the word. But the problem is that it takes too long and requires too much advertising budget. CreamAid in solving these problems.

CreamAid is a service to start a business and to continue marketing campaign mouth-to-mouth immediately with the help of bloggers. Each campaign is called “Conversation”. With companies CreamAid can actively seek early adopters to participate in the call by introducing their products on their blogs.

When a company starts a conversation, each blogger can be proposed in writing a post about and participate in a widget syndication in the post. Participation does not require bloggers to give personal information, nor does it require another entry. The blogger simply writes and collects royalties when their input is selected. Payment of license fees by PayPal.

the most unique part about this service is that it aggregates all contribute posts and unions, it can again each item in their single integrated surf aggregate totals widget. This syndication widget can also be used on the site to show their visitors what bloggers say. This has a great effect of word-of-mouth, because consumers do not have to go elsewhere to find out what others are saying about the product when they encounter a single entry. Once a consumer finds the contribution they can ride from there to learn more about the product, with the widget. The result: companies are happy because more consumers learn to read other points of view of their product. Consumers are happy because they do not have to through the tedious steps in addition to research what other courses on the product. Finally, bloggers are happy to meet other people interested in the same product, while earning royalties for writing about what interests them:

“Normally, it takes forever to start up your newly introduced product, and all you can do is make a few announcements and we hope that people will find out,” says Trent Kang, CEO CreamAid. “But if you really are consumers seeking your product and I imagine others? “Kang said that it is not enough to just wait a few enthusiastic consumers to find your product and start talking.” Why something, but find that for early adopters, if you can do something to look? “asks Kang.” You must go out and actively promote clients seeking You. “

The site is currently open for bloggers and businesses. Bloggers can participate directly in some of the proposed discussions, and companies are allowed to develop and test conversations.

CreamAid launch event includes its possible uses in actually promoting the sites they chose to protest. During the next month, they want to release continuously various campaigns where bloggers can participate and earn royalties immediately. For more information, please visit

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paid royalties Press

Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) Airport settlement documents obtained final approval from the Dallas City Council

Fort Worth, Texas – October 30, 2012

settlement documents for appropriate measures Worth Airport Dallas / Fort against Chesapeake Exploration recently received final approval from the City Council of Dallas. The airport and the Fort Worth City Council Council previously approved the settlement documents. The settlement brings to an end more than three years of litigation under a concession for oil and gas from the airport and its owner cities of Dallas and Fort Worth Chesapeake granted in October 2006. According to court documents, the lease covers more than 18,000 hectares in the airport, and is one of the largest in the Barnett Shale.

airport and its owner are named in the lawsuit filed by Shayne Moses and David Palmer of Fort Worth law firm of Moses, Palmer & Howell, LLP represented the prosecution originally two sets of claims involved trial. Involved a set of claims, how Chesapeake configured leaflets distributed, which holds the lease that Chesapeake countries are defined or acquired with a drilled well. Claims routes chosen were settled earlier and led to a change in the lease determines how Chesapeake preserved leaflets should be structured. The settlement of a payment Chesapeake repay some airports attorney’s fees, among others.

The second set of claims, the prices and quantities of gas, was the payment of royalties Chesapeake at the airport concerned. Documents filed in the suit claims the airport was underpaid millions of dollars in royalties for Chesapeake first gas produced from the lease in September 2007. According to court documents, the lease Chesapeake demanded royalties on higher revenue it received to pay for the sale of gas from the airport or the highest market price for gas in the comparable sales the Barnett Shale producing paid. Among other things, the appropriate regulation ensures the airport will receive more than $ 5.3 million in additional license fees by the end of 2012 and a standard formula for calculating royalties thereafter. According to court documents, the formula in which royalties are calculated on a published price index adjustments defined in terms of gas prices. According to court documents DFWs future royalties on the highest incomes and the agreed formula.

is based

This regulation is very favorable for entities DFW, Moses said. Not only large enough to compensate past, it provides assurance about how Chesapeake need to calculate royalties for the future. History teaches us that the agreement on how future royalties should be calculated result in millions of dollars more in revenues, on the lease of DFW. While there have been many years and much effort to reach this point, we are very happy with the result, because it protects the public interest by ensuring that the airport and its owner municipalities paid that they are really in the future due.

While the lawsuit is pending in Tarrant County, he was removed from the test case in September, when a tentative settlement was reached. The Regulation provides for action today that it has received final approval for release. Conducted various minorities working to keep the interests of rental airport were originally parties to the trial. These companies do not fit, and their claims are no longer involved in the pursuit airport some time ago to be.

Moses, Palmer & Howell, L.L.P.

Moses, Palmer & Howell in the oil and gas building 309 West 7th Street in downtown Fort Worth. In addition to these partners, the company has four other lawyers, Whitney Cardwell, Brandon Edmundson, Alyson Halpern and Tawanna Cesare. The main activities of the company include the risks for oil and gas companies and the banking, real estate, commercial lending and family law.

Moses, Palmer & Howell, L.L.P. is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms.

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payment Free Press Release

CueSongs catalog powers Image Source offer new music

London (PRWEB UK) 19 September 2013

Image Source, which specializes in trend-oriented Stock imagery for communication of inspiration, the quality standards of the demanding industry by providing content quality and transparent service for business customers, today launched a new service music licensing, complement its portfolio of professional art buyers.

The new service is powered by CueSongs unique catalog of 30,000 pre-stamped commercial titles. Music can now be allowed on the site of the source image at a time in the United Kingdom and Germany, also CueSongs directory by Image Source 200 + strong global sales network, the largest network in the industry.

Image Source

launch music service is supported by a marketing campaign for the advertising, design and digital agencies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom. The marketing campaign, in addition to advertising, public relations, and includes direct mail, a YouTube channel, which CueTubeTV organized by Image Source with music CueSongs catalog.

Christina Vaughan, founder and CEO of Image Source, said the partnership with CueSongs combines our experience and expertise as a leading independent agency for license photos with an ingenious solution CueSongs which can be a real challenge for the repulsive multi-media creativity. With CueSongs quality catalog from a wide range of well-known artists, we can now provide a valuable offers one-stop to our extensive network of business customers and strengthen our position as a supplier of premium content and innovative LED avant-garde.

We are pleased to offer this new single integrated service for our customers, we are very innovative technology research CueSongs of music that is unmatched excited, but above all, we are the phenomenal talent group that enthusiastic CueSongs together. She adds.

Ed Averdieck, co-founder and CEO of CueSongs, said: We have in the past two years, the aggregate pre-authorized highest quality commercial catalog of music available licenses around the world and this agreement with the source image is our catalog in front of a vast global network of customers who need to license both the music for their productions. CueSongs continue in his quest to connect painlessly music licenses for digital media, social media, YouTube and mobile. We have made progress in our mission to create a new, flexible and responsive market for music licensing.

CueSongs has contracts with major publishers as well as working directly with a number of artists such as Groove Armada, hug, French Horn Rebellion, Dido, Ziggy Marley and Peter Gabriel.


CueSongs, the hub of one-stop music licensing for the use of online media and digital co-founded by veteran Ed Averdieck Digital Music and musician Peter Gabriel.

licenses CueSongs offers one-stop music from a wide range of well-known artists, songwriters and producers for use in digital media and online productions.

CueSongs music major and independent rights holders Sony Music, Sony ATV, Real World, Music, Peermusic, infectious diseases, Cooking Vinyl, Black Hole Recordings, New State Entertainment, Kudos Records licenses believe Tummy Touch Skint include Bryan Morrison music songs / Southern Fried Records Westbury Music, IRL, District 6 Publishing, Perfect Songs, Distiller Records & Downtown Music Publishing.

customers who are not currently licensed by PRS for Music, will be able to license a song unique transaction with the right message to the public on the Web CueSongs site.

Image Source

Image Source is excellent in image production-oriented trend product dedicated to the communication of inspiration. Celebrated for pictures in high quality production values, and designed with 20 years experience stock photography image source is the largest library of independent photo to licensing rights managed and royalty-free images to the police professional users.

Image Source produces some of the most respected and Free royalty free images managed in the world and extends his knowledge and passion in every part of our business.

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Tamago launches first e-commerce system Peer-to-Peer

San Francisco, CA – October 15, 2006 –

Tamago (, a company based in San Francisco, the first trading system peer-to-peer in the world allows people any kind of digital media to sell directly from their computers to customers worldwide. People, music, videos, pictures, e-books, etc. you earn royalties publish, while the commission Buyers distribution to other media.

We believe that everyone should make money, said Joel Floyd, CEO of Tamago. If someone has a song that buys a painting or other digital media, Tamago pays members whose computers provide the data directly to the buyer. This eliminates the need for a battery of central servers. In Tamagos new world, customers are not only consumers, but traders said Gary Bach celebration, COO Tamago.

Tamago was built both the publisher and the ergonomics of the client. If someone publishes their work, you must provide the appropriate amount they want to get for each sale. In turn, distributors and buyers will automatically receive a commission on the media for their own supplies. Tamago also protects the artist name and copyright not prevent re-released and flew for the customer the freedom to use the material for your personal use.

This system shows the artist in all of us

says Joel. We do not charge anything to publish and it takes less than 5 minutes. All barriers have disappeared, so that all can see the very popular esoteric public.

Tamago requires a PC running Windows 2000 or XP or Apple Intel computer running Parallels Desktop or Boot Camp Apple Computer processor.

Tamago Inc.

innovative technology

Tamago connects people around the world allows you to buy, sell and distribute digital media with each other. Founded in 2005 by Sony Music Executive Joel Floyd, Tamago is the only market for e-commerce peer-to-peer. Tamago technology provides publishing houses of all sizes the ability to access global markets with a regular computer, including the user and the reward in the distribution. Tamago is based in San Francisco. For more information, please visit

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paid royalties Press Contractor Comes with a crowdfunding platform unique alternative Add-Based

Richmond, VA – November 29, 2012

Not every entrepreneur is sitting around waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission to complete the rules of equity-based crowdfunding. Barry Rickert, founder and president of and a veteran of 40 years of private equity investment, has a web portal investment club royalty-based crowdfunding is a market for the mutual benefit of small businesses and investors launched. It is believed that the first crowdfunding site that actually do now is to be legally.

Rickert has managed many obstacles that have left earlier to eliminate both owners and investors wary of small businesses. The combination of financing small business based correspondent has no debt and no personal guarantees for small businesses that need capital to grow, while at the same time investors access to high yield investments to make immediate income. It’s really quite impressive. Members, provides shop online investment crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and investors developed a unique way to enjoy both. Funding Group offers exclusive investment opportunities for members to put on the table containing as little as $ 100. cloud is ready to accept applications for entrepreneurs who once approved, will be offered to investors.

member investors in so-called crowdfunding participate. Rickert form of crowdfunding is the pooling of resources to concentrate money in new businesses, products and ideas that offer the best return on investments based. Members are able to expand their resources among many other investments, thereby reducing their risk. Return of 25% + of successful companies planned. In 20 years, which can cause a $ 5,000 investment is paying $ 1 million lead.

we were looking forward to people who work and have never invested before, was ready Clouds President Barry Rickert, and may have a few hundred dollars or more to put on different projects and products. There are some unique aspects of clouds and Ready crowdfunding makes us particularly attractive for investors and entrepreneurs. Rickert says: Unlike stock markets, investors do not need a lot of money, and they begin to see the back payments within 60 to 90 days.

members have access to exclusive offers published on the loan Clouds shop. You can read through the different options and decide to invest in one or more projects. After all this is an investment club is created as a vehicle for the preparation of the Group’s investment. Money association is delivered to the user / purse (contractors) in exchange for a royalty agreement that details the goods or services are sold and royalties over the term of the agreement to be paid. Investors begin payments under the agreement between the user / purse and the owner / investor usually in 30-90 days.

Rickert notes

the opportunities we offer investors easy to understand that equity issues, with maturities explicitly specified. Our investment opportunities for expansion and growth of companies that are already established and familiar to our investors. It also helps to reduce the risk. He pointed out, the stock will be looking for as little as $ 25,000 and up to $ 2 million, the average fund is capitalized at about $ 100,000. An investor may be as little as $ 100 in a fund. “

crowdfunding is considered attractive for investors and entrepreneurs. Investors are rarely able to Wall Street introductions to their initial offering price and those who want to increase public funds to pay millions in fees to buy banks, brokers and lawyers. Clouds loans has simplified the process, targeted investment opportunities and created a method of risk and a source of income earlier.


the lean startup strategy framework will give a significant number of credit of $ 100 for new members, without any conditions. About the only drawback (if you can call it a catch) is that investors will have an investment fund. However, if it is not, they are free to use the funds for another investment. Rickert also notes that, while the supply is very low today, it has some transactions of millions of dollars in the pipeline.

The company also announced that they are now beginning to accept applications for those who pay and those who invest.

About the company:

loan clouds ( loan financing, Inc. company cloud, connects entrepreneurs with investors to help new and established businesses grow investors to make a profit. With the help of the concept of crowdfunding, which is designed to reduce the risk must be reduced for investors, and structured and license fees, investor returns offer fast loans Cloud has emerged as an innovative company dedicated to the financial health of companies and investors as defined in them. The two entrepreneurs / fellows and / granted Clouds paying investors should contact you to discuss options.

distribution to the customer is made by Philip Cardwell, Universal Media Consultants are available. Major magazines stations leading television, UMC very effective for customers to distillation in the national media. The goal is simple. To increase the impact of the message and show the customer on imaginative and inexpensive fast highly targeted markets,. For more information, please visit: Http :/ /

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Royalties from new book by award-winning photographer and author, Judith Fox, to benefit Hospice

style=”float:left;margin: />

Judith Fox takes this issue from deep personal experience. She lost her first husband, Jerry, an aggressive cancer in 1992, and maintained over the past 15 years and called the name of her second husband, Dr. Ed Ackell, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease only three years after their marriage.

1998 after a successful career as an executive and entrepreneur in New York and Virginia, Fox returns to earlier career in photography. His first book, “I still have: loving and living with Alzheimer’s disease,” focuses on both his experience and that of her husband with the tasks of the disease and care <. / P>

explains the impetus for the creation of One Foot Forward: stories and faces of widows and widowers: Because I suggest hard not to think about the pain that I know is in front of me died when Ed was a widow . Writing “One Step Forward” was a way to find something comfortable Eds personal life is complete. I wrote the book that would have helped me, and I hope to help others.

difficultpart death is inevitable and even life. But if we are lucky enough to love, and a significant relationship, one of the people who are in the relationship will eventually widowed. Thus, we can also learn how to talk about death and grief and understand what its like to live through Fox said.

Fox NHF chosen as recipient of the royalties to her, because she believes in the mission of hospice and palliative care and want to support the work at national level. It also notes, both of my parents and my husband palliative care services is helped when I was in Elizabeth Hospice San Diego.

by caring people

overwhelmed with generosity and commitment to the work of the National Hospice Foundation, noted Donald Schumacher, NHF president and CEO judge.

To learn more about Judith, his new book, one foot forward, and his other work, visit

To order the book and support NHF, please search for “One Foot Forward” on

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InventHelp Patents customers Clemmie Johnson designs pants would warmth, comfort and fashion

Pittsburgh, PA announcement – August 30, 2013

InventHelp, the first service company inventor of America as one of its clients, an inventor from Massachusetts, has a pair of flannel trousers lined to nurses developed. This invention is patented and a prototype is available.

could keep

Clemmie Johnson designs a hot nurse, comfortable and fashionable. The design would allow a variety of looks, and the invention could also be worn as casual wear. With a versatile and stylish designs that Clemmie Johnson could also be used by golfers in the food industry or for workers on board cruise ships.

cotton canvas trousers are produced in different colors in sizes 4-14 and have a flannel lining for warmth. They have five pockets: one on each side, a small change in the implementation and two in the rear. The pants are a removable belt that can be printed with many different types of themed icons. The wing can then be used as a belt, a hair tie or a headband.

nurse who dress well as practical and at the same time, the inventor said. I designed nurses pants that keep user warm, comfortable and fashionable on any work or casually.

InventHelp attempts to submit the invention to companies for review. If the considerable interest expressed, the company will attempt to negotiate a sale or royalties for the inventor. For more information, telephone Dept. 10-BMA-3672 at (800) 851-6030.

link on inventions and new product ideas are interested in the examination may introduction marrow assessed by completing an online application for new product ideas here to contact marketing helps Invent.

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Always Best Care Senior Services provides $ 2.6 million in no cost veterans of the franchise!

(PRWEB) August 28, 2013

In a great tribute to veterans, Always Best Care Senior Services announced today that it will launch a competition in the EU 51 allotted to one of the veterans of the franchise in each franchise without state (including the District of Columbia) in value of more than 2.6 million Euros.

Roseville near the state capital of Sacramento based Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading provider of non-medical home care, the assisted living services and qualified health care home . The company was one of the best franchises for veterans by Military Times EDGE, and one of the top 50 franchises for veterans global franchise network in USA Today, June 21, 2013 appointed.

“President Obama called for the industry to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for veterans, said Michael Newman, founder and CEO of Always Best Care has taken one step further, not only job, but a career opportunity throughout our heroes nations to build a business while making a real difference in people’s lives.

For complete information about Always Best Care for Veterans competition, please visit

veterans of all U.S. armed forces are invited to participate in the competition, said Newman. Veterans are invited to prepare and publish a three-minute video and complete the online form (click here to see the form). The finalists will then be selected for personal interviews with a panel of department heads always better together. The videos will be on the basis of creativity, a compelling personal story why she believes veterans need to be a winner and businesses care and always be better, ability, previous experience with the concept of ownership of the business are personal sketches are valued attributes including compassion for the elderly and the driving desire to succeed.

guide on how to publish videos are included in the contest website

Winners will be

Always Best Care franchise franc granted all franchise fees and royalties, marketing and other fees will be waived for the first six months of operation. The total value of each free franchisee is a minimum of $ 51.200.

contest officially opens the first in September 2013, but the first entries from 27 Accepted August Veterans back to December 31, 2013 will be required to complete their entries. The winners will be on or about 1 Announced in February 2014.

was established in 1996 and are best free care was just six years, and now has more than 180 franchise territories in the United States. The company expects to Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and other countries in 2013/2014 to develop, according to Newman. Always Best Care has more than 25,000 seniors who supports a wide range of illnesses and personal needs.

To learn more about Always Best Care, visit

For more information about Always Best Care franchise opportunities, call toll free 1-855-430-CARE (2273) or visit

About Always Best Care

always best Senior Care Services was founded in 1996 by Michael Newman, is based on the belief that the right people for the right level of care means peace of mind for the client and family. Always Best Care Senior Services has assisted over 25,000 seniors., A wide range of illnesses and personal needs It has established itself as a leading provider of home care, placement assistance assisted living and care qualified health of the company home. Opportunities to people in the use of clear business strategy and proven to provide a reliable and affordable service for seniors franchise.


working with case managers, social workers, discharge planners, doctors and families, always better care franchises offer affordable and comprehensive solutions that are adapted to each other, to meet a client specific physical or social needs. The service brand portfolio Always Best Care Senior Services Business includes home care and assisted living placement.

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Indian rising gas prices and its impact on the sectors studied in a new research report on

Dallas, TX – August 27, 2013

Government of India has recently doubled the price of natural gas from the current $ 4.2 to $ 8.4 to 8,500,000 BTU per million BTU . This is the first increase in gas prices in three years, effective from 1 Go into service in April 2014. The new price is derived from the formula of the Rangarajan Committee. The movement seems to have changed the prospect of having all the gas sector and even seems to have a leap of faith overnight. The principle of government for the increase in gas prices is in line with the point of RIL that investment in gas exploration is high only increase if the price of domestic gas sufficiently attractive to Indian and foreign companies to capital industry, which is full of risk committing. Every industry / stakeholders on the value chain of gas is now occupied quantify the impact of migration on the global economy. If the price increases approved catalyze investments in domestic and foreign companies, time is only whether this assumption is approved.

The move

but S & P and state oil companies is also analysts estimated according to the report Analysts see this increase LNG imports costly new investments in the E & P industry and management. This could double the reserves of natural gas in India and open for business to take place on the risky exploration site boundary. There are certainly enough incentive for investment because the level of $ 8.4/mmbtu is close to international prices. More cycle eventually meet domestic gas prices to international prices, which should win an investment in the natural gas sector. On the other hand, the government could raise revenue from license fees and thus a win-win for the government and business situations. Market have welcomed the movement and actions of ONGC, Oil India and Reliance Industries surged after the announcement.

Discover more reports:

energy and food market in

oil and gas industry different industries in India.

content for the report’s impact of rising gas prices on the various industries and the overall gas sector in India ( includes:

1 Gas price rise and its premise that understanding in mind, the Rangarajan Committee for the gas price formula approved by CCEA

a. mechanism for setting gas prices

b. Recommendations of Rangarajan Committee

c. Gas prices have been kept low deterring further investment in the sector of strategic importance such as fertilizer, industrial users, etc.

What did we gain from low prices and sector priorities? Why the price increase was necessary now?

e comprehensive understanding of the Rangarajan Committee formula for the price of gas by AECB


2 Quantification of the effects of rising gas prices on stakeholders about the gas value chain: short, medium and long term

a. Upstream / gas producer: ONGC, OIL, RIL etc.

b. Midstream / Gas Transmission Company: GAIL

c. Downstream companies: MGL, IGL DMC companies and other

to analyze the financial impact on revenue and the cost of office supplies / gas purchase

e improvement in earnings per share and possibly decommissioning / re-rating of the share prices of energy companies directly or indirectly related to gas

3 Impact of rising gas prices on the end-user industries:

a. Utilities: Central State Gencos, IPP etc.

b. Fertilizer Manufacturer: RCF, Chambal, Coromandel

c. LPG and CNG price

4 Impact of gas price hike on consumers:

a. Quantum of higher electricity prices on DISCOMS

b. Quantum of CNG and LPG hike likely for consumers

c. Quantum of hiking fertilizer industry will probably see

5 Gas subsidy bill path when the power and fertilizer industry must be isolated to a certain extent: in 2017 and 2025

6 Impact of rising gas prices on gas infrastructure in India

a. The evaluation of the economic feasibility of long-term LNG FSRU and industry

b. Is it feed investment in transport infrastructure and gas CGDS

c. What this means alternative fuel and other confidence-building measures

7 What this means higher gas prices for the economy as a whole? and lead to turn on the gas sector in India

8 Infra Insights Perspective:

a. Attractiveness of domestic gas imports vis-à-vis the immediate short-gas medium and long term

b. If the investment in gas exploration Send increase migration

c. Competitiveness of the Indian industry, which depends on the gas post rising gas prices

9 Voice of Industry / Sentiment Analysis: perspective from industry leaders on rising gas prices and the positive / negative in various industries in India and outside India

About Us: ( is an online database of regional reports industry research, company profiles and SWOT analysis studies for several industries, organizations, and market segments. Our expert sales and research provide 24 x 7 support to our customers by phone and e-mail communications.

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From Splendor to Revolution: The Romanov Women, 1847–1928

From Splendor to Revolution: The Romanov Women, 1847--1928

This sweeping saga recreates the extraordinary opulence and violence of Tsarist Russia as the shadow of revolution fell over the land, and destroyed a way of life for these Imperial women The early 1850s until the late 1920s marked a turbulent and significant era for Russia. During that time the country underwent a massive transformation, taking it from days of grandeur under the tsars to the chaos of revolution and the beginnings of the Soviet Union. At the center of all this tumult were four w

List Price: $ 19.99